School Workshops

This is a project I did as part of Watch this Space – A collaborative training programme for school teachers and gallery educators organised by Engage. I taught  digital photography to GCSE students at Chestnut Grove School. Students made a model to express their views about the relationship between food and cultural identity. The photographs were taken using various colour filters.

















Family Workshops 

I lead a painting workshop for families with children aged 5 – 12 at Tate Modern. Children made their own painting of nearly nothing using sponges, squeegees and sticks inspired by the wall-sized paintings of German artist Gerhard Richter.

















 Post it!

I was commissioned to create an activity for children under 5 years of age and their families – working closely with the Interpretation team at Tate Britain. I devised a trail of the gallery named Post it!, which encouraged young children to move confidently around the building, explore the gallery together with their family, and post their discoveries into their own Tate Britain box.

                                                        Devised by Mireia Guitart. Design: Tate Design Studio. Drawings: Joceline Hoss.

Material Matters Toolbox 

Material Matters Toolbox was a game devised for adults and children to discover and enjoy Tate Modern together. In the toolbox there were various clues related to the works of Alberto Giacometti, Jackson Pollock, Anish Kapoor and Georges Braque. The clues helped children and adults discover the many forms sculpture can take, and finding out more about the materials and processes that artists have used.

                                                                           Devised by Martha McDonald and Mireia Guitart

Community Workshops

Here are some photos from an after-school workshop I lead as part of ‘Creativity and Wellbeing Week’ at the Ortus Learning Centre. Inspired by Matisse, children chose from a range of colours to create their collages and express their feelings artistically. The artworks produced were exhibited at the Centre’s Cafe.